April 14, 2007

Is there a good source of trafic?

Webmasters always think we need more traffic to our sites. Seth Godin actually argued the opposite in Permission Marketing, where he said that we need to form relationships with website visitors (get permission to talk to them about different products) rather than just getting traffic.

But that's a lot of work, and I'm not sure he's taking his own advice with Squidoo. Anyway we can charge more for text link ads on high traffic sites and we can't get permission from people who never see our sites, so we need traffic.

If our sites are good, than getting the traffic will mean getting repeat traffic. And if we have things just right, maybe we can get permission to talk to these repeat visitors about products or services. Quality Traffic Supply promises quality, targeted traffic. They say that their "Precision Profiling System II™" brings traffic to your site by using "inline text ads, known as contextual advertising" - these ads go on 112,000 or more different sites and somehow they know which of these deal with visitors who might be interested in your site.

Has anyone tried these guys or can anyone recommend some other traffic source?

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Who's getting an iPhone?

When it comes out in a month or two, do you plan on getting an Apple iPhone? This is Apple's new mobile phone/ipod/internet device.

If you are getting an iPhone, you might check out this iPhone accesory page where they strongly recommend a case to protect your investment from drops and things. They also suggest a screen protector since it uses a touch-screen and you don't want your dirty fingers mucking up your pretty iPhone.

Webmasters who need their iPhone to be fairly hands-free can go for a Bluetooth headset or a wired headset. This should allow you to talk on the phone and surf the web (I mean work on your sites) at the same time.

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April 11, 2007 getting way better for bloggers

Unless this is your first time here, you know that Linkworth is doing pretty well for me. Well they just got a whole lot better for bloggers:

LinkInTxt – Keyword Selling

The first product is called “LinkInTxt”. LinkInTxt is a way for partners to sell individual keywords/phrases within their existing content. You can sell one instance of a keyword or you can sell as many as you want, just as long as the keyword exists in your content. Currently, you dictate what pages will offer LinkInTxt from within your LinkWorth account. To setup your account follow these steps:

LinkPost – Paid Blog Reviews

The second product is called “LinkPost”. LinkPost allows partners to be paid for reviewing products and/or services from an advertiser. To qualify for this service, you must list your blog/site into our system. Once advertisers select your blog for a review, you can review their requirements and product to be written about. At that point, you can either select

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April 9, 2007

Should I advertise or sell reviews on

I mentioned that a $250 review I paid for was written pretty badly and they said some mean (and untrue) things about one of my blogs...

But I've also sold 3 $120 reviews on ReviewMe so I don't mind recommending them. Just call it a qualified recommendation. When you do advertise see if you can get a discount on your first order.

What reviewme really needs is a way for advertisers to rate publishers. I'd love to warn all the other advertisers to think twice before spending $250 (actually they raised the price to $280) for a review that might not pay any attention to the site...

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April 1, 2007

Bought 30 blog entries this week

I got 20 through payperpost setting no PR or alexa limits and paying 5 bucks per entry. I ended up with about 120 visitors one day and abput 10 oe 20 extra on a few other days.

I got around 10 through the forums. These were more expensive from $10-50 each and didn't bring in any more traffic. I also spent more time on these talking to webmasters and whatnot. They tended to link to a couple pages of my site. The links may have been more convincing to Google (or the keywords may have been less competitive as we're talking about a different site) since referrals from Google took a big jump on this second site.

In all, I had to work harder for the more expensive ones I got from the webmaster forum and there's no clear indication that they were more effective.

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