January 22, 2007

A new source for links

I'm back from vacation and have been busy buying links. I've also tried a new service from v7n where you buy links in context for $20 each. Now I tried it out and tell you about that in a moment, but first let me tell you what I liked right away.

Remember a while back I wrote about a big ripoff where textlinkbrokers charged $25 for a link but only paid website owners $5 for the link? Well that's about what the link was worth in my opinion since they went on links pages, but what I liked even worse was the 500% markup.

V7n provides better links because they go on content pages instead of links pages. And it's fair since publishers get $10 while buyers pay $20. So I tried it. I went for a pretty rare keyword to kind of test them and a few days later I got an email with the URL to a blog entry about my site.

It was on a blog in the right niche with PR but I can't show you exactly because of the NDA. Anyway, the service works. It will get you links in real content. I'm not sure if this replaces the 500 links package I wrote about a while back or if that's still available.

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