May 25, 2006

Adsense & video ads

Google is releasing video ads which will compete for placement with traditional and image Ads on Adsense sites. I'd love to have video ads on some of my sites, but I doubt that there will be many video options in 160x600 which is the unit display I nearly always use...

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May 17, 2006

Free webmaster tools

I've found a few different webmaster tools that you might find useful.

One addition that I've been considering to some of my sites is the tell a friend option. This one has a free version and a 29.95/year version that's ad free, has stats, and a few other goodies.

Then there are a few closely related my advertising theme here. There's a banner maker. The examples are quite nice, so I'll be giving this one a try soon. Some are free, and the rest are inexpensive.

Once you ahve your banner, there's a free banner exchange. I've never tried any of these before, but since it's free I'm not sure why not.

The last thing I'll mention is the SEO & submission service.

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May 3, 2006

Linkworth getting results

Linkworth's new rotating ads have brought some more business my way in the form of homepage links on both my stock market investing blog and my travel blog. I estimate that Linkworth is now bringing in as much text link ad income as my own personal efforst have been able to. I really like that because I'm no longer 100% dependant on Adsense. Anyway, if you don't already list your sites or advertise there, it's worth checking out: Linkworth.

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May 2, 2006

Promoting a health blog through text link ads

I want to advertise my new health site. There are still only a few places where you can buy permanent text link ads and paid inclusion directories are still the most common. So I'm promoting my new healthspan blog in a few:

Jtrotta - health
Umdum - health & fitness - aging
Bluefind - health & fitness - general health
Sevenseek - health - education

Naturally, my own directory doesn't cost me anything, but I'll let you know what kind of investment this turns out to be. I'm new at promoting health sites, so comments are welcome.

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