March 31, 2006

Is buying cheap one-way links a good idea?

There's an interesting thread on the value of buying cheap one way links over at DP. In short, some people say they are worthless because they are low quality links and some are not all that permanent. Then people like me (My DP username is "Jim") say that we don't expect much for 3 bucks a link, cheaper than any paid inclusion directory and at least we get some links that don't come from directory pages. They may not be valuable, but what do yo expect for 3 bucks a link?

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March 19, 2006

Buying travel text link ads in bulk

Webmasters with several sites in the same niche can save a fortune in ad space (if they are willing to spend). I first realized this a few weeks ago when an advertiser with 5 travel sites contacted me about a package deal advertising all his sites on numerous pages of 3 of my sites.

As an individual webmaster, when someone says "I'm going to buy thousands of dollars worth of text link ads from you" and asks for a deal I make a deal!

So I started taking adavantage of the same principle. Someone I've done business with before was advertising links on his travel site for something like 5.00/month in the footer. With my three travel sites, I was able to negotiate a lower price for the footer ads or get my ads placed under the main naviagtion at no extra cost. I chose the better placement.

Anyway, my point is that owning several sites in the same niche gives you more bargaining power when it comes to buying ad space.

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March 3, 2006

Communication mistakes when trying to sell text link ads

Most website owners really need to read a book or two about marketing/selling. Consider this conversation with a travel webmaster responding to my thread on Digital Point about advertising my travel writing contest:

What you think about that http://www.... Wait your answer.

It looks like a travel site. What kind of traffic do you get and where can I have my ad placed?

I am 65,505 on Alexa now

I need to know how many uniques/day you get and where my ads would be placed.

I send you PM before, cant understand why you not received. I have 150-200 unique day, PR 2,3,4,5 Pages, Alexa = 65000. Wait your answer

Note that I still don't know where my ad would be placed. The publisher has not given me one good reason to advertise with him. He doesn't mention good price, or anything else that would make him diffrerent from the 10,000,000 other low traffic travel web sites out there.

Anyway, if you have travel or writing related websites and can help me get the word out, do let me know. Just remember to tell me why I should spend my money advertising on your site...

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