February 16, 2006

Starting a contest to get links

When V7n announced their now famous SEO contest, they required a link back (this requirement was later removed). The contest generated good publicity and increased forum activity. They probably got a few links as well.

This new contest is being done on a smaller scale, and that's exactly why I mention it. It shows that even smaller sites can use contests to generate links. In this case, the owners will select one person who blogs about their site and giv the lucky webmaster 250.00. It looks to me that they'll get more than 250.00 worth of publicity (and links) out of the deal as bloggers like myself link to to earn our shot at winning the 250.

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February 14, 2006

Link blackmail

I recently received this threatening email:

Hello James,

I do hope you know that I could have your web site banned
from the search engines for placing my copy writed material
on your site. If you want to use it and provide a link to my
site that is fine.

The writer then provided a link to an article I wrote a while abck where I quoted his site (just 3 sentences) and then went on to elaborate on his point in some detail.

Now as a content provider myself, I know the frustration of seeing someone steal content. But as a published linguist I also know that quoting a source is the premise of secondary research.

Now I could remove his quote and replace it with someone else (it's not like the guy had anything new to say) or I could do nothing. Or I could paraphrase it a bit (of course I'd still give him credit).

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February 10, 2006

Approved to Chitika - should I begin?

I was recently approved into the chitika mini malls program. I ahve also recently read numerous posts on webmaster messageboards about Chitika canceling accounts and not paying balances. Basically I'm looking for something to display when Adsense wants to show public service announcements but am unconvinced that chitika minimalls are the answer.

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