January 29, 2006

YPN case study - football blog performs better with YPN than Adsense

Most people are finding YPN to be less effective than Adsense. I've heard several people complain about getting kicked out for receiving too much non-US based traffic and since that is so hard to control (blocking YPN ads to non-US IPs seems a bit complicated) Yahoo needs to fix this if they really want to compete with Google.

As for my own experiences, I find I get a simiar CTR with YPN though each click seems to be worth a little more than with Adsense. All in all, it's fairly close (YPN is slightly outperforming Adsense - CPM is higher) so I'll keep testing the Beta and hope I don't get kicked out before I get paid.

I should ad that this was a very minor experiemnt on my part. I took my worst performing adsense site and switched to YPN. I'm pleasantly surprised that CPM is higher now.

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January 19, 2006

Adsense payout ratio

The New York Times reported that with AdSense, "for every dollar the company brings in through AdSense and other places that distribute its ads, it pays roughly 78.5 cents back to sites..." That's better for publishers than I expected actually.

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January 15, 2006

PR still powerful

I recently received a submission to so I reviewed the site, approved it, and sent a paypal money request for 19.90.

I got an email: "Too expensive for PR 3 link. I am ready to pay 9.90." I explained that is somewhat exclusive. After all a page with 3 links on it is many times better in terms of link popularity than a page with 40 links on it.

Anyway this just goes to show you that people judge a link's value based on a page's Google PageRank and that at least one webmaster finds 19.90 too expensive for a permanent link on what is now a PR 3 page. Of course even if PR were very important (and in this case I think the number of outbound links has to be considered more important) it is transient, not a good way to measure the value of a permanent link since it is so volatile.

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January 12, 2006

Million Dollar Homepage pixel advertising

Seth Godin was right when he talked about purple cows. Do something extremely different and you have a chance. So some British kid took the idea of a spammy web site with nothing but ads and made it more useless than just about any other site on the web. And he made a million dollars on The Million Dollar Homepage.

"The lesson is that consumers are willing to go to good ideas, things that are unique, things that are novel," says Tew. "Rather than copy each other, spend time thinking up new things. . . . Creativity works."
I suppose it makes sense that mostly spammy web sites advertise on Alex Tew's spammy web site.
Buyers create little ads and choose open ad space on a 10,000-block grid. It's more than 2,000 advertisements, their dimensions ranging from postage-stamp size to a Tart N' Tiny candy (sorry, we couldn't think of anything else small enough to compare!), displaying words normally red-flagged by spam filters -- EZ Money! Hair loss? Poker! Loans! Get Girls! Freebies! Cancer Cure! Casino!

Some of the ads are illustrations or photos -- images of bikini babes, cartoons, Che Guevara, the British flag, a marijuana leaf, a bull's-eye, the dollar sign. When you drag the cursor over any one of them, a small read-out appears identifying the advertiser -- dating services, online poker, loan companies, bookies, bloggers, ring tone sellers, snoring remedies.

Within the first month the site was getting 200,000 unique visitors daily, and more than 3.2 million in the past two weeks, Tew says. "The more people talked about the site, the more money I made," says Tew. "And the more money I made, the more people talked about the site. It's a self-perpetuating idea."

You can see it at the last thousand pixels went up for auction on eBay and went over $150,000. Now an Ebay search for "million pixel" shows lots of imitators making a lot less money.

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January 8, 2006

News from Linkworth

LinkWorth now has a new line of text link ads called "Rotating Keyword Ads". It is just another step in the right direction to help our advertisers better their online businesses and another product partners can offer on their websites. With Rotating Keyword Ads advertisers have the ability to provide a list of keywords, or anchor text phrases, that will be shown. Now one single text ad can be created with a list of keywords that will be rotated on each page view.

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