December 23, 2005

Text links embedded in travel articles

An article on that contains up to 10 links to your travel related site is up for sale here. See for an example.

There will be a maximum of 5 featured sites but I'm only auctioning one here and now. I'm kind of testing the market and the rest will be available after I've done some more link building and have more traffic. This is your chance to get in relatively cheap.

Each article gets a link from the "Featured Travel Sites" box on the homepage and from which is part of the main navigation (upper right corner).

I prefer annual paypal subscriptions and the price now is 50.00/year. Only travel related articles please although creative people can pm me their ideas. For example a ticket broker could write a travel to New York article with links to Yankees tickets, Giants tickets, broadway shows, etc. In other words if your links are embedded in a travel article then your site does NOT have to be a travel site.

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