April 29, 2005

Billboard pages

Billboard ads are a new offering from LinkWorth.

What is a Billboard Link Ad? Think of it much like a billboard you see driving down the highway. The only difference is you will see this billboard on the information super highway. Our Billboard Link Ads are entire web pages dedicated solely to the advertiser and the content contained within that page is written by the advertiser themselves. Create one single billboard and place it on many partner websites or create a uniquely written billboard for each partner site and tailor it to fit on a particular partner website.

The content on a billboard page can consist of simple html (no scripts or images are allowed) and text. The idea is to write an effective advertisement about your product or service that gets the entire point across and at the same time, it is making the link back to your site relevant. Within your content, link specific keywords to your homepage or to several pages (Maximum of five links to one domain) inside your website to create effective inbound linking. The billboard will be much more convincing to readers than a simple text link, helping increase traffic to your site and also creating a very strong link popularity campaign for your website.

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April 21, 2005

Ticket broker online advertising solutions

I ahve several ticket brokers contacting me for text link ads and I thought I would share my low cost text link advertising solutions with you. I currently have three sites with ticket broker ads: is a PR 5 site that sees several hundred unique visits/day depending on the season. I prefer sports tickets advertisements for this site. A homepage link is 20.00/month and will be placed under sponsors on the right side. Discounts are given to those who purchase multiple links: 2 links = 36.00/month 3 = 48.00/month 4 = 56.00/month 5 = 60.00 month is a PR 4 site. I acquired this site quite recently, and I expect the PR to increase. Traffic has been increasing steadily the past two weeks and is now averaging 136 uniques/daily. Home page links are 15.00/month while sitewide links are 20.00/month. Again discounts are available if you wish to buy multiple links. is PR 4 and has numerous subpages like the PR5 This is a high traffic site, but the traffic is international and may not be high quality for you. Text link ads will be 15.00/month with discounts available for multiple links and/or multiple pages. For example has the index page and 4 subpages. One text link on each of these 5 pages is only 25.00/month.

Any combination of ads in which you spend 100.00/month or more entitles you to a free permanent link at After payment each month you get a free directory listing that never expires.

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April 15, 2005

Linkworth overpays

I got an email from Linkworth today; it seems that they ahve accidentally been paying some publishers twice and the amount they have overpaid will be deducted from future payments. I don't think I'm going to be affected because so far as I can tell I have never been overpaid.

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April 14, 2005

More LinkWorth

I'm adding a new site to LinkWorth since they were able to find people paying over 40.00/month for home page links on a couple of my blogs. This one is my first, ESL go. It has a linkrank of 5 which is quite good (Google PR 7) and decent traffic (900 uniques/day) so I imagine I'll get some buyers. I just wonder how many I'll be able to approve since I want to stick to education related sites...

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April 10, 2005

Wasting time

One problem I've encountered selling ad space on my sites personally is that too many webmasters waste my time. For example:

Stupid webmaster: Please tell me a little more about the traffic you attract for your site that would help me..thanks

Me: Thank you for the email. I presume you are speaking of
although there are also advertising options at my web directory - and my blog - averaged 896 unique visitors/day in March 2005. Generally
speaking, this number increases every month. Since most publishers speak
in terms of "hits" I mention that also: 17,224 / day however I think the
unique visitors is a more important number. The homepage was viewed
14,604 times and has a Google page rank of 6. This PR has been maintained for
over a year and indicates that it is considered an important page on the web.
If there's more information you need, you can view my stats directly at or ask me. Also please inform me if you
were not interested in advertising on the homepage.

Stupid webmaster: Ok-just looking now--not sure it will suit my needs.
If i do not decide to, its because i have found another means.

Me: Please let me know what your needs are. I'll be a much bigger help.

Stupid webmaster: Not sure yet -just looking around....not sure i want to use an internet site
...But i appreciate it.I am soooo busy these days but thanks

(Apparently not too busy to waste my time...)

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April 2, 2005

Selling links through Linkworth

A recent comment left on letter to advertiser with expired ads: "That's why I prefer to handle selling my own advertising. The brokers just take to big a cut."

I do sometimes sell ads through the brokers. There are big buyers out there who don't contact small web site owners like myself directly. For example I am now making some money through Linkworth. I charge a higher price than I would from people delaing with me directly to cover most of their 30% commission. I currently have a hompage link at 42.00/month and another at 45.00/month (on two different high traffic PR 5 blogs) and everypage links on another PR 5 blog (300+ pages indexed and 500 uniques/day) getting 85.00/month. Even after Linkworth takes their 30% I'm doing OK.

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