March 22, 2005

Adbrite review

I've been experiementint with my new Adbrite account and set up my travel blog as an ad seller. So far I am unimpressed.

Their hits counter is weird. According to my stats, I average over 800 uniques/day. They credit me with "Total traffic (pageviews/day): Over 200".

And while they haven't hooked me up with any advertisers, they are giving me an average CPC of around 15.00 - now that would scare me off if I was an advertiser! But if I have no ads, how can I have a CPC?

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March 15, 2005

Too greedy!

Textlinkbrokers has a new thing where you can sell and buy permanent links in directories. I contacted them about both buying and selling. When you sell you get 5.00/link. When you buy you pay 25.00/link.

Do they really have to quintuple their money every time they sell a link? I mean how about providing some good value instead (like charging 10.00/link) they still dounle their money but the buyer gets a really good deal too.

Yes I know I'm not factoring in other their expenses (hosting, software, etc.), but seriously!

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March 5, 2005

Letter to advertisers with expired ads

Just thought I'd share the letter I sent off to a couple of advertisers who have expired ads and may wish to renew. I was thinking I would add that links may become stronger as they age, but I'm not going to be heart broken if these ones don't renew so I didn't spend much time trying to sell them on renewing (they say long copy when filled with selling points is more effective than short copy). Anyway. here's the letter:

I'm writing because my records indicate that the 6 month text link ad
purchased on Aug. 26, 2004 has expired. Since then has
become a stronger PR 6 by adding link partners and directory listing.
Traffic has increased substantially, averaging 823 uniques daily in

This link popularity and traffic means that ESL go is a better place
to advertise now than ever before. Current prices are available on

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