February 24, 2005

Affiliates often don't convert traffic

I don't like affiliate programs in general for trying to monetize my web site. I find that with I have to send them hundreds of clicks for them to convert one into a sale. Same thing with most CJ programs I'm in.

Pay for performance is great for the advertisers who don't have to work too hard to get a decent ROI, but hasn't worked for me as a web publisher. I recently sent this email to someone asking me to join their pay for performance lead generation program:

Unless the payout per lead is quite high, it is unlikely that I would be interested. I've found that text links and Adsense monetize space and traffic better than Affiliate programs, many of which have trouble converting clicks into sales.

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February 20, 2005

Links sold = directory listings.

I was recently able to send this email to someone who bought 45.00 worth of permanent text link ads:

Just so you know, I have submitted NFL Giants to Site-sift web directory, Massive links web directory, and BigAll web directory in an effort to make your ads even more valuable.

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February 13, 2005

Advice on pricing text links

Linkworth has a new thing where you can email support for advice on what to charge for text links. I got this advice about my Giants blog:

I would suggest your homepage price of $20 is a great deal. Your site run (all pages) link of $85 I would recommend lowering it to around $45 to $50. It appears there are only a few hundred pages indexed, so based on the number of pages, it would need to be a little lower in price.

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February 12, 2005

Advertising on travel sites

The prices below are for text links and only travel related sites may take advantage of this offer. Contact PR 5 (I think a high 5 since it used to be 6), averaging 386 uniques/day

Any PR 4 blog entry: 18.00/permanent
Any PR 3 entry: 12.00/permanent
Any PR 2 entry: 7.00/permanent
homepage: 15.00/month


ESL go is PR 6 and averaging something like 900 uniques daily: - 15.00/month - 69.00/permanent - 69.00/permanent

Each of these sites is on a different IP with a different web host. With either of the monthly options, you have the option of paying for ten months and getting 2 free. Do this and you will also get a free blog entry (which you write) about your site. This may contain up to 5 links to different pages of your site.

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February 8, 2005

Linkworth comes through!

Linkworth has found an every page advertiser for my NFL Giants blog. They're getting 85.00/month while I end up with just under 60.00 (not including PayPal fees). I'm pretty happy with this, as i should be since I set the price...

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February 5, 2005

Buying text links article

Here's an article on buying text links from sitepoint. The author argues that unrelated links don't help SERPs, but I see a lot of evidence to the contrary.

I like the reminder that text link ads won't work forever. The search engines want pure results, not the kind you can buy...

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