January 23, 2005

Affiliates and Adwords

Google is issuing a new policy regarding the practices of affiliate search engine advertising. A number of changes to their previous policy include:

* Affiliates are no longer required to identify themselves as an affiliate
in search ads with "AFF"

* No keyword may display two identical destination and/or display URLs. If
two ads are identical this way, the ad with the highest Google Ad Rank will
be displayed for the keyword.

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January 17, 2005

Permanent text link ads for sale

This is a different way of selling advertising space but bear with me and you'll be glad you did.

Choose a blog and find a blog entry you want a permanent link on:

My blogs taking on advertisers include ESL blog, which is currently getting about 280 uniques daily. NFL Giants is getting a bit over 240 uniques daily. My SEO blog is getting around 160 uniques daily.

A permanent text link advertisement will cost you only $18.00 on one of my PR 4 pages, a PR 3 is 12.00 and a PR 2 is 7.00. Double these prices for a banner ad and the banner must be hosted on your server.

To sweeten the deal even further, all the money I get from selling these ads will be used to buy directory listings or other link popularity enhancing things (permanent ads like the ones I'm selling for example). When the PR increases, your link stays up and you don't pay another cent.

To take advantage of this offer, you have to email me at the URL(s) you're interested in advertising on, your web site's URL and the anchor text or banner you want displayed as well as your paypal ID. When I approve the ad I will send you a paypal invoice.

I will not be taking on adult sites, casino sites, link farms, affiliate sites, or any sites that I've seen spamming my blogs. Email with any questions.

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Comparing text link ads to paid directory listings

While I prefer selling monthly text link ads, I've never bought one. Rather I spend my money on directory listings. The idea of paying a one time fee is much more appealing than the idea of paying a monthly fee.

I wonder if we can create a niceh market by selling permanent links? I mean I have thousands of blog pages on the web. Why not sell permanent links (1 ad/entry) for some crazy cheap price like $5.00?

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January 12, 2005

Your AdWords Account Has Been Slowed

A surprise email from Google Adwords today told me that one of my campaigns was underperforming and that I had to fix it and reactivate it. Every three reactivations incurs a $5.00 fee.

I logged into Adwords, and couldn't find an indicator as to which campaign had the problem. Sure I can probably guess right, but I don't want to guess. I want to know.

I've emailed support to see if they can help and suggested a red flag next to problem accounts...

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January 1, 2005

8 links, 2 pages, 350.00/year

I just sold four text link ads to one domain (each link to a different URL on the same site) on the homepage of my Giants football blog and on my English listening class list.

The Giants blog homepage now has quite a few external links, incluing 6 paid text link ads. I suppose I will only sell one or two more on that page.

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