September 30, 2004

PR 4 text links = $5 each

I recently received another email from (see huge profit margins) offering $5/link for up to 5 PR 4 links. I set them up on:

Asian markets

Visit Eastern Europe

Directory information

Will Eli Manning lead the Giants to a superbowl?

If I only got my way every time I complained

The next step was to log into pay pal and request the 25.00 which I've done. I should get the money as soon as they verify the links. One stipulation in the email was that if I remove the links before three months is up I get kicked out to the program forever. I presume that I'll continue getting 25.00/month for the next three months but I don't know for sure. I might have just sold 3 months of links for 5.00 each. I'll let you know.

Anyway, the ads are not intrusive at all and considering the number of PR4 pages I have, I hope I get more offers like this. There is some concern that the link is unrelated to my content, but many sites get away with lots of unrealted links on each page, so I'm not too worried about one/page.

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September 29, 2004

Make 2.50/month selling PR 3 links

From a recent email offer:

This email is to ask whether anyone is able to provide PR3 links, even though they may not have indicated so on their application to We are able to pay US$2.50 per link, up to US$75 (for 30 links). Please note however that if you can supply multiple links they need to be from different domains (and preferably from different IP addresses too).

Another offer was a glyconutrient site that wanted a PR 5 link. The offer was 15 dollars a month. The site seemed better than a pharmacy site.

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25 links from 25 domains = $14/month EACH

Here are the important bits from a recent emial from Text Link Ads Inc. The price seems too expensive. I know I've sold links from one PR6 page for just a little less than 14 dollars a month. This "deal" gives you links from PR3 to PR6. A PR3 link is just about unsellable and there's no great demand for PR4 sites either. I have some other concerns: these sites are supposed to be general content: What is general content? A directory? an affilaite farm? I'd like to see some example sites and I've sent an email to the company saying so. I'll let you know what I find out.

Note our ads are hard coded static text links linking directly to your web page with no tracking url or _javascript. This allows search engine spiders to find your website and associate your keywords with your website.

-You can purchase links in sets of 25. That is links from the homepage only or site-wide from 25 unique domains.

-Each set of links from 25 sites will get your text link ad approximately 1,000,000 page views per month!

Here is the homepage PR breakout for every set of 25 links:

PR6 (1)
PR5 (9 )
PR4 (12)
PR3 (3)

The pricing is below:

Single Page Home Page Only Links Price Is PER MONTH

25 Unique Domains $ 350
50 Unique Domains $ 600
75 Unique Domains $ 800
100 Unique Domains $1000
200 Unique Domains $2000
200+ Unique Domains Negotiable

Site Wide Links Price is PER MONTH

**Note each domain averages 500 pages indexed in Google. Your link will appear on ALL pages of each domain.

25 Unique Domains $ 500
50 Unique Domains $ 800
75 Unique Domains $1200
100 Unique Domains $1500
200 Unique Domains $3000
200+ Unique Domains Negotiable

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September 13, 2004

2 ads the same

So I just wrote about how I'd try two ad units on one page with Google adsense. I see two ads with the same title and description and both link to the same URL. I thought Google said they'd eliminate duplicates in multiple units...

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September 12, 2004

New advertising model

In this new model for advertising on blogs, a CPI model of advertising is introduced in which bloggers who display ads are not only paid per click or impression but also according to influence. The stressed point is that advertising revenue should be based on incoming links and feeds rather than impressions and clicks.

A very clear explanation is given the name sell side advertising at Searchblog. The idea is that anyone who sees the ad and meets certain requirements can place the ad on their site. Clearly advertisers are giving up a degree of control and one has to wonder who monitors the ads to make sure there is no fraud. So far as I know, no advertisers are using this model and its unclear if any are seriously considering it. It's important to not ethat this eems to ahve been conceived by bloggers (not advertisers).

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2 ad units where there used to be one

So now that Google allows multiple ad units (by the way, last time I looked at that page there was a big image ad for Google Adsense which I'd never seen before), I'm experimenting with my New York Giants site. Previously I only had 4 ads displayed in a 728x90 leaderboard across the top of the index page, but now I've added 5 ads in a 160x600 skyscraper. I can't tell you the exact CTR or CPM but I will tell you if they increase.

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September 8, 2004

Sales and auctions

So I sold two more links on my PR 6 site site with 600 uniques/day. These were two links for 6 months at $65.00 each. Clearly I'm not getting the 40.00 - 80.00 /month some sites suggest. Not to mention the 150.00 -250.00 price/month suggested by Serge Thibodeau.

Still no links on my text link auction. I went through the other auctions and there's only one bid total. I guess that site's a waste.

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September 7, 2004

Huge profit margins for

These are the prices promises if you sell links through them:

Link from a PR 3 page - $2.50
Link from a PR 4 page - $5
Link from a PR 5 page - $15
Link from a PR 6 page - $40
Link from a PR 7 page - $75
Link from a PR 8 page - $150
It must be noted that only pages with fewer than 10 links to external sites are eligible for the program. Still, this pricing system (presumably monthly prices) is pretty weird. The keywords in question have to be considered: a PR 5 site about deciduous forest habitats is probably not worth as much as a PR 5 site about web hosting. Traffic must also be considered along with link placement. I'd rather have my ad at the top of the top of a busy page then at the bottom of an unpopular page.

For the curious, if you buy a link through they charge double the prices listed above. A 100% markup is pretty good, hence the title of this post. I'm testing out this service - I submitted one of my sites to be added to their database of link sellers. I'll let you know if they bring any link buyers my way.

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September 6, 2004

Auctioning text links

So I just started an auction on buyselllinks for my stock market blog. We'll see what happens, but I don't have high hopes as the sight doesn't seem very busy (only 47 auctions total). I'm the only auction in the Finance links category.

The auction itself looks pretty bad - the text editor where you write your description is not WYSIG, and during the preview I was afraid to hit the back button for fear of losing all my work (when I visited the help section and then went back, I did lose all my work and I didn't want to type the same stuff a third time).

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September 3, 2004

Google adsense news

Some neat new things with Google adsense include up to three blocks of ads on every page and collapsing ad units:

Google's collapsing ad units ensure that your page space is used to its maximum potential at all times. When targeted ads aren't available for an ad unit, the collapsing ad unit feature will shrink the empty ad unit, so that blank ad spaces are eliminated from your page.

Another thing that's more of a curiosity is that Google is experimenting with "ads by Gooooooogle". The number of Os seems to vary.

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September 1, 2004

Behavioral targeting in online advertising

A ClickZ article about how beavioral targeting influences online advertising is very convincing - we should use behavioral targeting. While it does a good job explaining the theory, there is nothing in the way of practical examples so if you want to explore behavioral targeting, you'll have to look elsewhere for "how to" inofrmation.

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Protection from adware

Here's a very good article about protecting yourself from adware. It details how people unknowingly install adware on their computers, how adware invades your privacy, and what to do adware:

Third, you can find ad-ware lurking on your machine by periodically running one of several utilities available to detect it. One of the best, Spybot search and destroy, can be downloaded for free at Spybot will search for the presence of ad-ware on your system and remove it. There are many commercial offerings available as well.

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Affiliate advertising for your site

I signed up for some time ago, and I'm just beginning to explore the types of merchant ads they have available for webmasters. I would say that if you're looking for smaller merchants (You won't find companies like Ebay here) this is a good program to join as they have some interesting things like a domain appraisal service. There are a few pay per click programs, but the best of these seems to offer only 5 cents/click and that's for a web hosting company.

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