August 30, 2004

The future of online and offline advertising

This Boston Globe article explores how TiVo and similar products are changing the advertising industry. A few interesting extracts from various advertising people who were asked for their opinions:

Eventually, I expect online advertising to become more of the constant ad message supported by product placement in movies, sponsorships, and other types of ads.

The problem is that there are too many delivery devices for mediocre content. We don't need more places to put ads. People are tired of being interrupted and invaded.

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August 28, 2004

Are banner ads still useful?

Rick Rouse argues that they are, but offers some strange logic to support his claim: a banner that looks like a normal text link. I'll take the text link (and the anchor text) over a banner ad that looks like a text link. I suppose the only useful advice is to create a custom banner for every web page you advertise on. The banner should blend in with each page. Mastering the obvious, we're also told that the web page should be related to the ad...

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August 26, 2004

High end text link ads

According to Serge Thibodeau, text link prices "range between a low of about $ 15 a month to a high of about $ 70 (too high I think) for a PR 4. In the PR 5 category, costs ranged between $ 40 at the low end to about $ 110 at the highest. In the PR 6 and 7 categories, they were ‘all over the map’, with ranges between $ 150 to $ 250 for a PR 6, all the way up to $ 450 for a PR 7."

I get less than 150/year for PR6, and I've only sold one link at this price so I find these prices pretty hard to believe. If you see text links for sale in this range, I would look elsewhere unless there is lots of potential traffic and branding.

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PR 3 message board, every page text link ads, 353 indexed by Google is selling every page text links to no more than 5 education or language related sites. At the moment there are 353 pages indexed by Google, but that number will increase. Pricing as follows:

>500 pages indexed by Google = $20/month
500 - 699 pages indexed by Google = $25/month
700 - 999 pages indexed by Google = $30/month
1,000 + pages indexed by Google = $35/month

This way you know what you'll be charged as the forum grows. Page Rank should increase as well, but no charge for that. Regarding traffic - I'm averaging about 100 impressions/day with Google adsense but this should increase dramatically in September (school starts). Of course I can't tell you the exact CTR, but it seems to be quite good so you should see some traffic from these ads. Ads will be placed near the bottom, under the adsense. For an additional $10/month I'll put your ad near the top, just under the banner/ navigation. I won't sell more than 5 external links. You can lock in a low monthly rate by paying for a full year (pay for 12 months and you pay 20/month regardless of how much the forum grows). Contact for more information.

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Branding online

Here's an interesting article about how Honda used internet advertising for branding purposes. The claim here is that online branding will become more popular than paid search engine placement.

This is more likely to benefit portals than smaller sites, and even portals have a tough time selling these ads because measuring their success is harder. With this sort of online advertising, one has to conduct before and after surveys tailored to discerning if customers were affected by the ads in question.

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Should you buy links from irrelevant web sites?

Probably not. Jill Whalen argues that link popularity is based on relevant links and the best an irrelevant link can do is temporarily boost Page Rank. Jill Whalen certainly has her detractors and could very well be wrong about this. But there's another issue to consider. When you buy a text link ad, you can get three things. One is better natural search engine placement thanks to link popularity and anchor text. But you also get traffic and brand name recognition if you buy text link ads from the right places.

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New flat rate paid search is giving away free advertising cards.

“The response to the $250 Flat Rate Placement cards has been phenomenal,” says Nick Raba, Tygo’s Director of Technology. “Advertisers feel they’ve been getting gouged by traditional pay per click programs and they really seem to appreciate a more predictable way to advertise.”

Here's how the flat rate advertising system works for Tygo placement: You pay from $1 - $5/month depending on whether you want to be 1st = $5/month, 2nd = $4, 3rd = $3, 4th = $2, 5th = $1. Your ad appears on the right of their search results for the month and key word you paid for. It doesn't matter how many people click on your ad (which will appear to the right of the search results). Even the key word you choose won't matter. As far as I can tell, "SEO" won't cost more that "learn English grammar free".

Or read about it in Tygo's words.

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9.1 billion and growing

Here's an interesting article about how huge the online advertising market is (9.1 billion dollars huge). One interesting thing is that paid search makes up 40% of the market. Also intersting are the varied predictions about the growth of the online advertising market.

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PR 6, 600-700 uniques/day, $110/year

I'm thinking of raising the price, but I charge 110/year for index page advertising on my most popular web site: see ESL's sponsor advertising page for more specifics. I hesitate to raise the price because I only have one customer at the moment...

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Website directories

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All Links Directory

Britecorp internet marketing - Internet marketing portfolio of services for the online business, covering not least traffic generation, search engine optimisation, PPC and banner campaigns.

Net Exposure Web Directory

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Online Business Directory - designed for business relationship seekers.

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link exchange

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Computer software

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Computer programming

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Computer hardware

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August 25, 2004

buy 65,000 links

Hotel Marketers is offering 65,000 links for $495/year. There seem to 15 of these sponsored links on most pages, which seems like a lot. I also estimated about 140 internal links on the one page I chose as a random example. There may be some traffic as the paid links are listed above the majority of internal links. Of course the number of links will be a huge drain on any Page Rank that would get passed your way. Still that is lots of anchor text, and anchor text will help your search engine placement. However you must also consider that you need anchor text coming in from different IP addresses for maximum effect.

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Web hosting

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Web design

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A few months ago I tried to begin selling text link ads on some of my web sites. I found that there wasn't much information on the topic and the sources of information I could find often conflicted with each other. is here to fill the void - to provide practical inofrmation about online advertising. Information about text link advertising and also other forms of online advertising: banner ads, Google adsense, pop-ups & pop-unders (which I'll never use), search engine placement, etc.

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10 PR 7 pages = $150/month

I recently got "a special text link ad offer for you to purchase text link ads off one of the top websites on the Internet".

-Your text link ad will appear on approximately 10 pages.
-You will be one of only five advertising links on the page.
-Your link will be a hard-coded, static text link going directly to your website.
-Your link will appear on pages that are related to the general theme of your website.

-The pricing is a flat fee per month:

PR7 $150.00 USD
PR6 $ 75.00 USD

I'm suspicios though: don't I need to know what kind of traffic these pages get? And don't I need to know the URLs so I can make sure these are pages I want to be associated with? And don't I need to know where my text link ad will be placed?

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Reciprocal links

If you have a marketing site and wish to exchange links with, please link to me (see the html below) and then email with the html for the reciprocal link to your site:

<a href=""><b>Buy links</b></a> - online advertising news & text link advertising marketplace
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Free search engine optimization tips = better search engine rankings

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