June 1, 2007

v7n contextual interview: why and how to use their service

I was recently able to get Mike Sewell from v7n contextual to answer a few questions about their program:

Buy-links.com: What makes v7n contextual a better option (for advertisers) than less expensive imitators?

Mike: The thing that separates us from our imitators is the quality of the blogs in our system. We screen each blog thoroughly before allowing them into the network. We also side-step the ethical issues involved with paid blog publishing. We don’t require our publishers to review the sites they are linking to, just to include their chosen anchor text in a blog relevant to the topic. This makes a win-win situation for all involved.

Buy-links.com: What are some of the better link buying strategies you've seen (what are the most effective techniques for buying v7n contextual links)?

Mike: A good link buying strategy is one that appears natural, increases domain authority and targets your selected keywords. The most effective use of contextual links is to buy a wide variety of links aimed not only at your top domain but also at deeper links such as product pages, etc. A mix of keyword and non-keyword anchors should be used, this will increase domain authority and focus search results on your keywords without triggering any alerts from search algorithms.

Buy-links.com: Where do you see contextual link buying in realtion to directory listings, reciprocal links, and other link building techniqes?

Mike: Contextual links are a unique and powerful compliment to the other more common forms of getting links. They are not a replacement for these other, more common techniques, but used in combination with them they can provide a much bigger boost to search rankings than using those other methods alone.

For te record, I've always been happy with v7n contextual links (buying and selling).

Posted by James Trotta at June 1, 2007 3:41 PM

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