May 20, 2007 sucks, particularly the crappy support

I complained about Payperpost sucking for bloggers not too long ago. Now I'm telling you that payperpost sucks even worse than I thought they did a week or so ago.

I don't want to brag but let me start off by saying that I've paid for lots of blog posts in my day. The ones I write are really good, much better than the ones I'm normally able to buy. But I still get a good number of posts rejected by payperpost reviewers, I think because they're stupid.

For example Jillian from payperpost sent me this email::

This is a notification to let you know that your post, Coupons for exercise related products, at url, has been rejected for the following reason(s):


Thanks for posting!
Unfortunately we cannot approve your post. Please refer back to the Opp and use the exact required link/anchor text as provided.
Once the changes are made please resubmit for approval.
Thanks again!

Please log into ( to either correct this issue and resubmit the post or to delete the post.
If this post is not corrected within 3 days, it will be deleted.

Thank you,

The PayPerPost Team

If you have any questions or comments regarding this message, please send us a note by clicking on 'Contact Support' at the bottom of any page within your PPP account. Thank you!!

150 N. Orange Ave.
Suite 304
Orlando, FL 32801

I sent them this:
Not to tell you how to do your job, but I followed the instructiuons in the op:

"We would appreciate you also adding an optional link to the main page listed below in the required link area. The more variation we get for the link text, the better"

I'm afraid that if I follow your instructions the advertiser will be less happy because there's an optional link which I included and they want as many different types of anchor text as possible - Are you sure you want me to do "" as the anchor text?
I waited a couple of days but got no response. That's typical - Payperpost support is terrible at answering support requests - I've sent them as both an advertiser and a blogger. One time they had several hundred bucks of mine but wouldn't credit it to my account. It took several weeks and over 10 emails just to get the money (they refunded it instead of putting it in my account for some reason).

Anyway, I log in to Payperpost and into "manage my posts". The post I made is gone! Like it never existed. In other words I wasted my time and sent a bunch of traffic to the advertiser for nothing. All I got was frustration because the idiots at Payperpost can't read what the advertiser wants and can't respond to support requests.

This is the second time they've deleted a post of mine from their control panel after they screwed up by not responding to a support request. That's pretty bad considering I've only done 7 posts for them.

I'm done with Payperpost. I'm deleting every payperpost thing from my blog and going to every webmaster forum to share how sucky they are with the web developer world.

Posted by James Trotta at May 20, 2007 6:24 PM

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