May 3, 2007

Good blogs find little to blog about in Payperpost

Several months ago I decided to try to make a little extra money using payperpost. I registered my health blog and here we are 6 months (or so) later. I'm $29 richer (minus PayPal fees) and have had to put up with a lot of crap from Payperpost.

I must say that heir support is abysmal. This is true for both publishers and advertisers by the way since i have one of each account with them. But this blog entry is for publishers; bloggers trying to make money should have better options.

Anyway, if you actually get a response from support it's usually fairly helpful. However, I only seem to get a response about half the time - that's pretty pathetic in any business.

Recently I did a post for a wopping $10 (and mine is a high traffic PR 4 blog). The post was rejected because they didn't see my disclosure (where I say that some blog entries are paid). I sent them the link to my about page which has the terms.

Not good enough. Disclosure has to be on its own page and part of main navigation. Whatever, it's my blog but I can follow their rules a little so I make a new page titled disclosure. I email them and ask for confirmation that I'm following their stupid rules.

No answer. A week later the opportunity vanishes from my payperpost dashboard. It doesn't show up as rejected or pending. It's as if I never blogged it all. Meanwhile the advertiser got a ton of free traffic and I'm a chump sending visitors off my site for free.

I sent a follow up to payperpost support to find out why the thing vanished without getting approved or rejected and to find out if I am in compliance with their disclosure requirements.

No response.

Now if you have a PR 0 blog that gets no traffic, Payperpost is for you. If you have better than PR 3 go to v7n contextual.

Posted by James Trotta at May 3, 2007 2:34 PM

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