March 5, 2007 half price trial discount is owned by Patrick Gavin, of The names are a bit similar and I was confused a bit at first, but is not to be confused with Jarrod Hunt's (in the comments on that post I link to he says he feels sorry for me because I'm too poor to pay for his overpriced links - I don't know why I feel like answering him now after all this time - actually I did comment on this once - but the fact is I haven't run out of better deals yet. You won't either if you read this blog).

So actually I've never used as Linkworth has been fine for me selling ad space (I really don't have much unsold space) and I do my buying personally, without a broker.

Anyway, has some popular blogs that charge a good bit of money to review your site. I chose three blogs and my total came to $700.00. Thanks to the discount, I only had to pay 350.00.

If you're curious about the markup here, the blogger gets half and reviewme gets half. However with the "trial" discount code I guess the blogger gets everything and gets nothing. Obviously that can't last forever so if you're going to try, now's the time. Pick your blogs, type in "trial", update your shopping cart, and pay.

Just know that bloggers don't have to review your blog. And they certainly seem to take their sweet time in deciding, at least with the three blogs I chose. So it may be a few days before you find out of your site is even getting reviewed.

Posted by James Trotta at March 5, 2007 5:50 AM

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