September 10, 2006

Buying text links from users on webmaster forums

I've noticed that bigger companies / sites will use text link brokers like Linkworth when buying links, but that individulas will buy from other individuals. Small webmasters like myself spend their time bargain hunting and don't want to give a broker 30% or more.

But what kinds of links can you buy on webmaster forums like Digital Point? It seems to me that the ones that sell are the cheap ones, not the quality ones. You've got people selling cheap PR 7 homepage links. However, link placement is poor (buried on one side of the footer) and the reason links are cheap is because there are so many links on the page.

I wonder if webmasters are going about this the right way, buying the cheapest possible links.

Posted by James Trotta at September 10, 2006 12:53 PM

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