July 30, 2006

How much is too much?

I have little patience for webmasters who try to waste my time, and frustratingly many do. Many people submit to my web directory, my paid inclusion web directory, looking for free links. If you like reading and laughing at stupid webmasters, enjoy. The email subject was Listing at http://www.jtrotta.com/Home/Furniture:

The idiot wasting my time wrote: Hello, do I know you? What is this bill for? Thanks.

My reply: Just like the subject of the email says, this is for a listing at http://www.jtrotta.com/Home/Furniture. Listings that are not paid for expire from the directory in a few days but links that are paid for remain in the directory permanently.

The idiot: you want $35 to be listed there? It doesnt even have pr?

Me: The cost is 35.90 because Jtrotta.com is an exclusive web directory. Currently there are only two sites listed in http://www.jtrotta.com/Home/Furniture because yours has been deleted. This way I can provide as much value as possible to webmasters who have paid for their listings.

Good luck with your site!

Posted by James Trotta at July 30, 2006 2:20 PM

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