March 19, 2006

Buying travel text link ads in bulk

Webmasters with several sites in the same niche can save a fortune in ad space (if they are willing to spend). I first realized this a few weeks ago when an advertiser with 5 travel sites contacted me about a package deal advertising all his sites on numerous pages of 3 of my sites.

As an individual webmaster, when someone says "I'm going to buy thousands of dollars worth of text link ads from you" and asks for a deal I make a deal!

So I started taking adavantage of the same principle. Someone I've done business with before was advertising links on his travel site for something like 5.00/month in the footer. With my three travel sites, I was able to negotiate a lower price for the footer ads or get my ads placed under the main naviagtion at no extra cost. I chose the better placement.

Anyway, my point is that owning several sites in the same niche gives you more bargaining power when it comes to buying ad space.

Posted by James Trotta at March 19, 2006 11:56 PM

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