January 29, 2006

YPN case study - football blog performs better with YPN than Adsense

Most people are finding YPN to be less effective than Adsense. I've heard several people complain about getting kicked out for receiving too much non-US based traffic and since that is so hard to control (blocking YPN ads to non-US IPs seems a bit complicated) Yahoo needs to fix this if they really want to compete with Google.

As for my own experiences, I find I get a simiar CTR with YPN though each click seems to be worth a little more than with Adsense. All in all, it's fairly close (YPN is slightly outperforming Adsense - CPM is higher) so I'll keep testing the Beta and hope I don't get kicked out before I get paid.

I should ad that this was a very minor experiemnt on my part. I took my worst performing adsense site and switched to YPN. I'm pleasantly surprised that CPM is higher now.

Posted by James Trotta at January 29, 2006 6:25 AM

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