July 21, 2005

Google looking for sponsored links?

New message from Linkworth:

The word is being passed around of possible new Google system checks for advertiser/sponsor links. It is being said that Google is looking for keywords on websites related to the selling of text ads. Rather than waiting around to see what happens, or if it is true, we feel it\'s in the best interest of all partners and advertisers to consider changing the titles used, alter locations of text link ads and separate ads. Let us explain:

Title Changes:
Most people use words like, SPONSORS, PARTNERS, FEATURED, ADVERTISERS, ADS and other synonymous terms related to advertisers. Our suggestion is to use \'different\' titles for these ads. Something like RELATED SITES, COOL SITES, RESOURCES, ALTERNATIVE LINKS and so on. As unique as you can make it the better.

Alter Locations:
Most partners are putting advertiser links in similar locations like the foot or side bars. A suggestion is to use unique locations for ad links like within content. Between paragraphs, put a left or right justified table and show LinkWorth advertisers within the body of your content. This would allow it to appear more natural and in unusual locations. Anything different from the norm will help your advertisers and keep them around.

Separate Text Ads:
For those partners who host a long list of text ads, consider separating the group into smaller groups and strategically place them throughout your content layout. Remember that the better visibility you provide the advertiser, the better chance they will stay for a long time. Differentiating advertisers from other advertisers is a super approach to make them very happy.

Posted by James Trotta at July 21, 2005 3:40 AM

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