April 29, 2005

Billboard pages

Billboard ads are a new offering from LinkWorth.

What is a Billboard Link Ad? Think of it much like a billboard you see driving down the highway. The only difference is you will see this billboard on the information super highway. Our Billboard Link Ads are entire web pages dedicated solely to the advertiser and the content contained within that page is written by the advertiser themselves. Create one single billboard and place it on many partner websites or create a uniquely written billboard for each partner site and tailor it to fit on a particular partner website.

The content on a billboard page can consist of simple html (no scripts or images are allowed) and text. The idea is to write an effective advertisement about your product or service that gets the entire point across and at the same time, it is making the link back to your site relevant. Within your content, link specific keywords to your homepage or to several pages (Maximum of five links to one domain) inside your website to create effective inbound linking. The billboard will be much more convincing to readers than a simple text link, helping increase traffic to your site and also creating a very strong link popularity campaign for your website.

Posted by James Trotta at April 29, 2005 3:34 AM

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