April 21, 2005

Ticket broker online advertising solutions

I ahve several ticket brokers contacting me for text link ads and I thought I would share my low cost text link advertising solutions with you. I currently have three sites with ticket broker ads:

www.nfl-giants.com is a PR 5 site that sees several hundred unique visits/day depending on the season. I prefer sports tickets advertisements for this site. A homepage link is 20.00/month and will be placed under sponsors on the right side. Discounts are given to those who purchase multiple links: 2 links = 36.00/month 3 = 48.00/month 4 = 56.00/month 5 = 60.00 month

www.grungeforum.com is a PR 4 site. I acquired this site quite recently, and I expect the PR to increase. Traffic has been increasing steadily the past two weeks and is now averaging 136 uniques/daily. Home page links are 15.00/month while sitewide links are 20.00/month. Again discounts are available if you wish to buy multiple links.

www.eslgo.com/classes/listening/music is PR 4 and has numerous subpages like the PR5 www.eslgo.com/classes/ironlady.html. This is a high traffic site, but the traffic is international and may not be high quality for you. Text link ads will be 15.00/month with discounts available for multiple links and/or multiple pages. For example www.eslgo.com/classes/listening/music/the_voice_within has the index page and 4 subpages. One text link on each of these 5 pages is only 25.00/month.

Any combination of ads in which you spend 100.00/month or more entitles you to a free permanent link at www.jtrotta.com. After payment each month you get a free directory listing that never expires.

Posted by James Trotta at April 21, 2005 4:38 AM

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