April 10, 2005

Wasting time

One problem I've encountered selling ad space on my sites personally is that too many webmasters waste my time. For example:

Stupid webmaster: Please tell me a little more about the traffic you attract for your site that would help me..thanks

Me: Thank you for the email. I presume you are speaking of www.eslgo.com
although there are also advertising options at my web directory -
www.jtrotta.com and my blog - www.esl-blog.com.

www.eslgo.com averaged 896 unique visitors/day in March 2005. Generally
speaking, this number increases every month. Since most publishers speak
in terms of "hits" I mention that also: 17,224 / day however I think the
unique visitors is a more important number. The homepage was viewed
14,604 times and has a Google page rank of 6. This PR has been maintained for
over a year and indicates that it is considered an important page on the web.
If there's more information you need, you can view my stats directly at
http://www.eslgo.com/webstats/ or ask me. Also please inform me if you
were not interested in advertising on the eslgo.com homepage.

Stupid webmaster: Ok-just looking now--not sure it will suit my needs.
If i do not decide to, its because i have found another means.

Me: Please let me know what your needs are. I'll be a much bigger help.

Stupid webmaster: Not sure yet -just looking around....not sure i want to use an internet site
...But i appreciate it.I am soooo busy these days but thanks

(Apparently not too busy to waste my time...)

Posted by James Trotta at April 10, 2005 2:19 PM

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