December 14, 2004

Where do Adsense ads go?

When I was just an Adsense user, I always wondered how some of my competitors got away with putting adsense on their awful sites.

Now that I'm an Adwords advertiser, I really worry about my ads showing up on some of my competitors ugly sites. I don't want to be associated with low quality sites; it's bad for branding. Google says it's all or nothing. Your ads appear across the content network or on none of the content network sites.

There's at least one case where Adwords publishers got a site removed from Adsense by requestion the removal of their ads, but it was very high profile. Most bad sites never get much publicity.

I wonder if we can start a "clean up adsense" movement. See a low quality site publishing adsense? Post a reply to this entry with the URL in the comment body. Hopefully everyone using Adwords who reads this will read the comments, check out the bad sites, and of they agree contact Google complaining about the low quality of the site in question. Maybe we can help Google clean up Adsense.

Posted by James Trotta at December 14, 2004 3:12 AM

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