December 1, 2004

Should I sell links to casino sites?

I've been getting requests to sell links to Casino sites recently. You can see it in the comments of my last post, a sold link on a PR 5 low traffic page. I got another lead from my Adwords ad for selling text links. Probably from the same person. I got another email (sent to a different address) because I mentioned selling links on a forum.

I said I had no related sites so I could not sell a link to a Casino site. They replied that it was OK with them as many people like to gamble. I did a search on Google for "link casino site google" and a few other similar ones. In the top ten results were spammed blog entries with tons of casino links. In this case the links to casino sites were actually boosting the pages SERPS because otherwise they would not have contained the word "casino".

So obviously a site with casino related links (hundreds in some cases) is not penalized for a casino related search. There are numerous articles out there which claim you should not link to unrelated sites. Many calim you can.

I firmly brlieve you can get away with linking to unrelated sites, but casino sites may be considred adult or non-family friendly and may cause a linking site to be penalized where a link ot an unrelated family site would not be.

A little experiment. is a blog entry from 10/15/2004 that has lots of comment spam dated 10/30/2004. It's title "blog linking and other fun sports". It's number one and two for a search - blog linking and other fun sports (I didn't use quotes). 1 and 2 for blog linking sports. #3 for blog linking. That's pretty good. Doesn't seem to be getting penalized for those one month old casino links (and there are a lot of them).

I'm going to check out this casino site and consider selling it a link. I already have an NFL betting link... I'll let you know what happens...

Posted by James Trotta at December 1, 2004 3:12 AM

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