November 19, 2004

Warning about text link brokerage

Here's a warning about textlinkbrokerage. I won't pretend that the thread I link to is not very one sided and that there's probably another side out there somewhere...

You might think I'm being lazy since I'm not doing the research for you, and you might be right. But it is 1:30 AM here in Korea, and I have to teach tomorrow morning...

Posted by James Trotta at November 19, 2004 5:04 PM


Very one sided is an understatement. He only allows people to post that have negative things to say, and deleted at least 5 posts I know of from actual current clients of TLB.

Of the posters, he has one actual customer of TLB that was refunded when they could not figure out what they were doing, so they actually have nothing to say of intrinsic value. Funny how the rest of the posters never used the service, but are all known cronies and supporters of the posters.

That thread is nothing more than slander to discredit a company that the poster has a past beef with.

Posted by: Jaime Collins at March 22, 2005 9:01 AM
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