November 15, 2004

Who's buying text links?

You might be wondering why this blog hasn't been more active. The fact is that there hasn't been much to talk about. I advertised some text links on the V7n forums, but haven't received any offers. I did advertise on these same forums a few months ago. That time I had lots of responses, lots of negotiating, lots of promises, and no action.

It seems to me that selling text links is very difficult. Even when I was offering PR 6 links on a high traffic page for $12/month I wasn't generating a lot of interest. It makes sense really. Everyone I know has a few PR 5 and PR 6 websites, and they are willing to sell text link ads. The supply is simply much much higher than the demand.

As soon as I can set aside an hour or two, I'm going to write to webmasters who are advertising their sites on Google for my keywords. At least I know the right people will be getting the word. The 40 people who have read my post on V7n may be uninterested in buying links (seems like everyone over there is asking questions about selling links, not buying) and if they are interested in buying, they may not have a related site. I think directly contacting the people advertising for my keywords is the way to go.

Posted by James Trotta at November 15, 2004 4:47 AM

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