October 2, 2004

Payment received

I received the 25.00 for the 5 PR 4 links. It came to 23.78 after pay pal fees. As I mentioned I wasn't sure if I would be paid monthly or if I was getting 5 dollars for three months. Perhaps it's an honest mistake or maybe buyalink wants to confuse sellers. If you look at the buyer's information:

PR 4 Links - $10 each

This will give you a text link of up to 10 words from a webpage that is searchable by search engines and has a Google PR of 4, for a minimum of three months.

You can see that buyers are paying ten dollars for three months which means sellers are getting 5 dollars for three months. That's less than 2 dollars a month! I must be a pretty nice guy selling my links so cheap!

Perhaps after the three months is up I can continue a relationship with the buyer that's a bit more profitable by eliminating the middle man's huge profit margins.

Posted by James Trotta at October 2, 2004 12:29 AM

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