September 29, 2004

25 links from 25 domains = $14/month EACH

Here are the important bits from a recent emial from Text Link Ads Inc. The price seems too expensive. I know I've sold links from one PR6 page for just a little less than 14 dollars a month. This "deal" gives you links from PR3 to PR6. A PR3 link is just about unsellable and there's no great demand for PR4 sites either. I have some other concerns: these sites are supposed to be general content: What is general content? A directory? an affilaite farm? I'd like to see some example sites and I've sent an email to the company saying so. I'll let you know what I find out.

Note our ads are hard coded static text links linking directly to your web page with no tracking url or _javascript. This allows search engine spiders to find your website and associate your keywords with your website.

-You can purchase links in sets of 25. That is links from the homepage only or site-wide from 25 unique domains.

-Each set of links from 25 sites will get your text link ad approximately 1,000,000 page views per month!

Here is the homepage PR breakout for every set of 25 links:

PR6 (1)
PR5 (9 )
PR4 (12)
PR3 (3)

The pricing is below:

Single Page Home Page Only Links Price Is PER MONTH

25 Unique Domains $ 350
50 Unique Domains $ 600
75 Unique Domains $ 800
100 Unique Domains $1000
200 Unique Domains $2000
200+ Unique Domains Negotiable

Site Wide Links Price is PER MONTH

**Note each domain averages 500 pages indexed in Google. Your link will appear on ALL pages of each domain.

25 Unique Domains $ 500
50 Unique Domains $ 800
75 Unique Domains $1200
100 Unique Domains $1500
200 Unique Domains $3000
200+ Unique Domains Negotiable

Posted by James Trotta at September 29, 2004 9:06 AM

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