September 12, 2004

New advertising model

In this new model for advertising on blogs, a CPI model of advertising is introduced in which bloggers who display ads are not only paid per click or impression but also according to influence. The stressed point is that advertising revenue should be based on incoming links and feeds rather than impressions and clicks.

A very clear explanation is given the name sell side advertising at Searchblog. The idea is that anyone who sees the ad and meets certain requirements can place the ad on their site. Clearly advertisers are giving up a degree of control and one has to wonder who monitors the ads to make sure there is no fraud. So far as I know, no advertisers are using this model and its unclear if any are seriously considering it. It's important to not ethat this eems to ahve been conceived by bloggers (not advertisers).

Posted by James Trotta at September 12, 2004 10:45 AM

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